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I'm Sara: Aries, vegetarian/vegan cusper, reader, writer, Dan Humphrey denier and pop fan. 

I have always been writing, but I began to take it more seriously after taking part in Write Like A Grrrl. I now run Leeds's WLAG workshops!

In my writing, I am interested in female friendship, the interior lives of women and pop music. My writing idols are Carol Shields, Sarra Manning and Curtis Sittenfeld.

One of my short stories is featured in Test Signal, an anthology of northern writing published by Dead Ink in 2021.



How To Find Yourself, Test Signal, 2021 (you can purchase the book here)

Seating Arrangements, Let Me Know When You're Home: Stories of Female Friendship, 2020 (you can purchase the book here)

work in progress, Dear Damsels Annual 2019 (originally published online September 2018)

Likes, Highly Commended Short Story, Bridport Prize 2018 (later published as The Weekend Read on For Books' Sake - you can purchase the Bridport Prize 2018 anthology here)

me and miathe tiny narrative, September 2018 (Meg Cabot said it made her cry and I lost my shit)

Best Friends Forever, Dear Damsels, October 2017

A Circular Route, Dear Damsels, September 2017

How was your day?, Dear Damsels, February 2017

Close You Down, Dear Damsels, December 2016

The Three Bears, Dear Damsels, July 2016

I also write a monthly piece on amazing women from the past for The Heroine Collective.

I am also very lucky to be a researcher on Greenham Women Everywhere, a partnership project between Scary Little Girls and The Heroine Collective which has been funded by Heritage Lottery South West. The project has collected the oral testimonies of some of the women who formed the Greenham Common Peace Camp between 1981 and 2000. These histories will be presented on the Greenham Women Everywhere website, a nationwide exhibition in the summer of 2019, and will have a permanent home at The Women’s Library at The London School of Economics.


Young Adult Affliction

My TinyLetter about books, writing and feelings.

Every six months or so, I write about a book which has made me think about writing, other books, my emotions and stuff I've seen on the telly. 

I would love it if you subscribed: www.tinyletter.com/sarasherwood

In an interview with Sonder and Tell, Natasha Lunn, who runs Conversations on Love, very kindly recommended Young Adult Affliction as one of her top newsletters to subscribe to.

Young Adult Affliction started life as 1136 Fifth Avenue Revisited, where I rewatched Gossip Girl and reviewed it with the knowledge that Dan Humphrey (the acclaimed author of Inside) is Gossip Girl. 

My investigative reports were an important and impactful piece of scholarship, revered by many and an instant cult classic, but Season 4 of Gossip Girl was very trying so I gave up. 

Young Adult Affliction: Archive

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Hire Me

Creative Writing Workshops

​Wanna write? I can help! 

In my workshops, I create supportive and caring environments for writers of all abilities, backgrounds and ambitions.

As well as facilitating Write Like A Grrrl in Leeds (a six-week creative writing course for women and non-binary people of all writing backgrounds, experiences and abilities), I also work with arts organisations and charities to design and facilitate one-off creative writing workshops, writing groups and courses.

Basically, I love supporting people to write, so if you want to chat then email me on sara.sherwood02@gmail.com


Get In Touch

I would love to hear from you - especially if you want to discuss Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls or your favourite podcast. 

I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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